A Kitchen in a Cupboard

The Larder Cupboard

The revival of the larder cupboard is testament to our love of food. Even those of us who do not like to cook can still appreciate an abundance of different foods stored in one place. Fond memories of my granny’s walk in pantry. Her labeled jars of homemade pickles and jams standing in proud rows are evocative of the way we live today, as more of us see food as an investment to our health and well-being.

A brief history of the larder cupboard

The word larder derives from the Medieval French lardier, which referred to the preservation of whole joints of meat for winter by potting them, covered in lard, in huge barrels. While stately homes might have had a full complement of larderium for potting meat, salsarium for salting meat, along with fish, game and dry larders, modest homes would have had a more simple storage solution. Larders or pantries were situated against an outside wall with bricks removed to encourage air flow. A lower, cold shelf was also added to store meats.

A truly bespoke larder cupboard design is personalized to customer specifications. When choosing what you want, think about the way you cook and eat. If you cook from scratch then you need to consider the type of ingredients you will be buying and storing. Spice racks, drawers and shelves can be customised to suit your lifestyle. For the home chef, gadgets like mixers can be built in to the design by adding what is called a cold shelf.

The modern day larder cupboard is the organic solution to storing fruit, vegetables and dairy produce like eggs and cheese, which are best stored at 8-10°C. That said, the American fridge still remains a statement piece, with many seeing the larder cupboard as an extension allowing you to store a much wider range of ingredients. As the modern trend to more exotic cooking grows, no new kitchen would be complete without a custom made larder cupboard for added luxury.

Size matters

If you have the luxury of space, then go for a freestanding larder cupboard, and, if not, then go for a built in option. This can still be full size (floor to ceiling) if it is well planned. Older properties that already have a walk in pantry can be fully customized to create the ultimate larder cupboard, and even include where appropriate a separate sink and prep area, like the one below commissioned as part of the kitchen.

Light up

Lighting provides illumination when you open your larder cupboard door. Cost-saving LED lighting is the preferred option today, but this is something you can discuss with your kitchen specialist when you are commissioning your kitchen.

Invest in quality

There is no doubt that investing in quality fixtures and fittings pays off. If not solidly built, the fittings inside are likely to be flimsy and not fit for purpose. Be realistic about what you can afford, but always go for the best you can buy when weighing up your choices. Having something made to order will always give you that extra satisfaction for the long-term.

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