Clever designs for small kitchens

If space is at a premium in your kitchen, then you may have ruled out having the kitchen of your dreams. But limited space doesn’t mean that you have to limit your creativity. There are all sorts of clever designs that you can use that combine style with practicality and even give you ample storage.

Go up

When floor space is limited, it is time to go up instead. Tall storage units have a small footprint but allow plenty of space to keep everything that you need. If you choose a colour that matches with the rest of your kitchen, they won’t look out of place or intimidating.

Go down

Choose tables and seating that have storage underneath. Built in bench seats with storage are a great way to ensure you have seating exactly where you need it and enough storage. Bench seats are also very stylish for country or rustic kitchens.


Instead of standard kitchen cupboards, opt for drawers instead. Drawers provide much more storage space than cupboards and help you to stay organised, so you do not spend too much time rummaging for items that have been pushed to the back.

Bold colours

A small space doesn’t have to be a boring space. There is no reason why you can’t be bold with colours and use colour schemes that you would normally associate with larger spaces. For rustic kitchens, colours such as dusty pink will add real character without being overbearing. If you like very dark or bright colours but do not want the space to feel imposing, keep these colours below eye level and contrast them with bright and white walls.

Slim down your appliances

Appliances can take up a huge footprint that is impractical and unnecessary in a small space. However, small appliances don’t have to compromise on style. You can even have a 60cm wide Aga, if it is an Aga that you have always wanted. Tall and slim combined fridge freezers will give you enough fridge space without taking up too much floor space and opt for an integrated washer dryer. Shop around to find appliances that are suited to small spaces.

Bespoke kitchen

An off the shelf kitchen is unlikely to make efficient use of space. Consider a bespoke kitchen as a way to make full use of all the available space. Small gaps between units and appliances can be transformed into spice racks and tight corners can include corner units designed to fit everything that you need.

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